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iPhone: Touch ID does not work

If the Touch ID of your iPhone no longer works, you can no longer unlock the device with your fingerprint. There are several reasons behind this. However, it often already helps to wash your hands so that the finger is clean. You can find out all the other possibilities here.

Touch ID doesn't work: add a new fingerprint

Since Touch ID is an unlock function on your smartphone that is based on your fingerprint, make sure your finger is clean and dry. Freshly lotioned or sweaty fingers can also be the reason for error messages. If that doesn't help, simply set up a new fingerprint:
  1. Open the settings of your iPhone and confirm the button "Touch ID & Code".
  2. Now select "Add fingerprint". You will be prompted to hold your finger in different positions on the sensor so that your fingerprint can be completely captured.
  3. Lock your smartphone and test whether your fingerprint is clearly legible.
  4. If this is not the case, repeat the process.
If these measures have not led to success and you have already updated the iOS updates, it is advisable to visit an Apple Store in this regard or contact a consultant in the Genius Bar. Usually, the problem can be fixed there on the spot.

By Pippas

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