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N26: Spaces - how the feature works

A good overview on your own account is worth its weight in gold. However, as is well known, this is not always easy. With the so-called Spaces, N26 has now introduced a feature that starts at exactly this point. We introduce it to you in this article.

With Spaces, N26 helps you consciously structure and save.

N26: Spaces help with overview and savings goals

There are so many money movements through the account that it takes a lot of effort to always keep a full overview. With Spaces, N26 wants to solve this problem.Spaces are designed to structure the account neatly.
  • Each Space in your N26 account is its own sub-account. You can create many different Spaces, depending on your savings goals, for example "Vacation", "Car" or "New TV".
  • Depending on your account balance, you can now deposit desired amounts into the individual Spaces. These amounts are then deducted from your main account and can no longer be used in normal payments. Of course, you can transfer the money back to the main account at any time, if it is needed.
  • Since transfers within the account happen in real time, you always remain flexible.
  • However, the use of Spaces is only possible if you have a premium account, such as the N26 Smart or the N26 You.
  • As a premium customer, you can set up to ten Spaces at the same time in addition to your main account. If you delete a sub-account again, the money on it is transferred back to the main account.
Spaces are thus individually defined savings accounts for specific purposes. Although this does not change the total balance in your account, this system makes it much easier to achieve savings goals or simply keep track of them.

By Mordecai

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