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N26 Shared Spaces: All info on the feature

Due to strong growth, existing and new customers are now to be given even more options with N26. The expansion is an important detail in this regard. Spaces have been a popular, as innovative feature of N26 from the beginning. In the meantime, they even exist as Shared Spaces.

Shared Spaces work just like normal Spaces, only for multiple users.

N26 Shared Spaces: These are the advantages

Shared Spaces are designed to facilitate money transactions and joint financial activities. Spaces are so-called sub-accounts to your account. With the Business You account, you can even create up to eight accounts. In addition, you can use them as Shared Spaces.
  • You can invite up to ten other people to a Shared Space. However, they must also be N26 customers.
  • Each member can move money between their own Spaces and the Shared Space.
  • This is handy for many purposes, such as vacation expenses or shared gifts. It can also be handy for your business, as it allows you to better manage your expenses.
  • For N26's business accounts, Shared Spaces also add value by enabling joint financial management, for example in startups.
  • Once you have created a Space, it is easy to transfer money from your main account to the sub-account.
  • However, the Shared Spaces feature is only an additional feature for premium accounts. These are N26 Business You, Metal and N26 You accounts.

By Varick

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