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Dropbox: Access shared folder list

Dropbox is a cloud-based service where you, as a user, can deposit data and access it from anywhere. All you need is a browser-enabled device. You can also share data with other users via a link or a share. You can easily view which folders you have shared.

How do you find the sharing list on Dropbox?

When you share a folder or file, your friends or acquaintances can access or modify it. After some time, you may not know which files you have shared. For this case, all shares are stored in a sharing list.
  1. First, go to the page of Dropbox with any browser and log in with your username and password.
  2. Now click on "Files" in the menu on the left and then continue to "Shares".
  3. Now you can see all shared folders in the tab "Folders". If you want to view all shared files, you can do so under "Files".
  4. With "Links" you can view all active sharing links.
  5. If you want to edit a specific share, you can do so directly next to the respective entry. Here you select whether you want to disable or edit the share.
If you run out of storage space, it may be worth switching to Dropbox Plus or Professional.

By Gawain

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