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Confluence: Apply Table Filter

In Confluence software, developed as an enterprise wiki, you use a Table Filter to filter data in a table, for calculations, and to sort tables. Using the filter function requires the installation of a Table Filter macro. We explain how to use a Table Filter here.

How to use a Table Filter in Confluence

Before you can use a Table Filter in an open table, you must add the Table Filter Add On to the application. To subsequently add a filter in a table, proceed as follows:
  1. In the page view mode of a table, click on the "gear icon" and select "Add Filter".
  2. Similarly to an Excel filter, you now select a filter type and the column where you want to set the filter.
  3. Finally click on "Add Filter".
  4. Save any changes by clicking again on the "gear icon" and on the "Save Changes" command.
If you insert a filter in more than one column, you may need to apply separate filter criteria. It is also possible to create a multi-filter. If you want to remove a table filter in Confluence, find it in the filter area and drag it to the bottom of the page while holding down the left mouse button. The filter is now highlighted in red and will be deleted by releasing the left mouse button.

By Kalagher

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