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Word not showing spaces? How to solve the problem

As simple as the basic operation of Word is, there are numerous functions that lie in the background of the program. If you suddenly don't see the blank space, we'll explain why.

No more blank space in Word? Mostly the section break is responsible for it.

Sometimes an accidental keystroke is enough to activate an unknown function in an Office program. Spaces that are suddenly no longer displayed are a classic case.

This is what you can do if Word no longer displays spaces

The problem occurs when you press the "Space" key, but the cursor display remains in place until you type a character. Only then the space character is displayed.
  • The reason for this is usually that a section break is active behind the cursor.
  • You can usually correct this by pressing "Enter" twice in succession. The cursor should then jump forward one place as usual when you press "Space".
So you only need a quick flick to set everything back to normal.

By Navada Gilchrest

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