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iPhone X: Delete multiple contacts at once

To delete contacts stored on your iPhone X, you have several options. If you want to delete multiple contacts from the device at once, you can do so either with an additional app or via iCloud.

These steps help to delete multiple contacts from iPhone X at the same time

By default, deleting individual contacts from iPhone X is possible by opening the respective contact in the Contacts or Phone app and going to "Edit" > "Delete Contact". To remove not only a single, but several contacts at once from your iPhone X, however, a different procedure is necessary.
  1. To delete multiple contacts, please first log in to iCloud.com on your PC or Mac with your Apple ID and the corresponding password.
  2. Then go to the "Contacts" section and, while holding down the "Ctrl" key, select all the people whose contact data you want to delete.
  3. Now still click on the "Del" key on your keyboard and confirm the warning to finally delete the selected contacts.

iPhone X: How to delete multiple contacts simultaneously via app

Alternatively, it is also possible to delete the no longer needed contacts directly on the iPhone X. However, this requires the installation of an additional app beforehand. Suitable apps like Groups are available for free download from the App Store. If you have installed the Groups app on your iPhone X, please open it and tap "All Contacts". Then highlight the contacts you want to delete and navigate to "Choose Action" > "Delete Contacts" > "Remove from my iPhone" to remove the selected contact data.

By Wolfgang Peaches

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