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Apple Watch: change language - how to do it

To use a different language on your Apple Watch, it is necessary to change it. However, changing the language is not possible directly on the Apple Watch itself. You have to make the setting via the iPhone.

How to change the language on your Apple Watch

If you have a new Apple Watch, the language is set as part of the setup. But even after the initial setup, you always have the option to change the language used on the smartwatch. Regardless of whether you are using an Apple Watch with watchOS5 or watchOS6, however, this is only possible via the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  1. To change the language, please first open the Apple Watch app and navigate here to the "My Watch" area.
  2. Tap then on "General" and select the "Language & Region" entry there.
  3. Here you can now, by tapping on "Apple Watch language", select another language.
  4. Please note that the selected language is not only used for the Apple Watch menu, but is also adopted for all installed apps.

These other changes to the language are possible

If you use the Apple Watch to dictate texts, you can also change the language used here. If the language you want to change to is already enabled in your iPhone keyboard, the language change is possible directly on the Apple Watch without an iPhone. To change the dictation language, please press and hold the Apple Watch screen beforehand and select an available keyboard language.

By Galateah

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