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Excel: Calculating with times - these formulas are necessary

In Excel, you can format the contents of your cells as you wish. For example, you can specify that it is a date or a time. If you want to add or remove a specific time to the time, then this is also easily possible in Excel.

How to calculate with times in Excel

Have you created a table in Excel and want to have certain information calculated, the application's functions can help you. In doing so, it is quite possible to also calculate with dates or a time. You do not have to use any specific functions, because subtraction and addition also recognize the time format.
  1. If there are times in both cells that you want to add together, you can connect them with a "+". To do this, enter "=A1+A2." If there is the time "6:45" in cell A1 and "9:30" in cell A2, then you get as a result "16:15".
  2. Alternatively, you can also apply the SUM function to the cells.
  3. However, if your calculation exceeds the 24h limit, then you still need to format the cell of the result. If A1 says "12:45" and A2 says "15:30", then you will get the result "4:15" with simple addition. Click on the result and go to the top of the bar on "Format" and then "Format cells."
  4. Now select "Custom". At "Type" you can now specify the clock format of your choice. Confirm with "Ok" to apply it to the cell.

By LaMee Macafee

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