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Microsoft Excel: Show formulas - how it works

The larger the Excel document, the more difficult it is to keep track of it. This is especially true for the many numerical values, some of which have been entered directly, but some of which result from formulas. This makes it all the more convenient that you can easily display the formulas.

With just one click of a button, you can see all the formulas in your Excel document.

Show Excel formulas made easy: This is how you proceed

In contrast to the formulas themselves, it is not complicated to display the formulas:
  1. Click in the ribbon of Excel at the top of the tab "Formulas".
  2. Click there in the area "Formula Monitoring" on "Show formulas".
  3. Per key combination, the display of the formulas also works. To do this, press the keys "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "'" if you are using Excel 2016 or the key combination of "Ctrl" + "#" if you are using Excel in the version of 2013.
That's it - instead of all the values in the document calculated by formula, Excel now shows you the formulas themselves. This way, you can make changes to the formulas at any time without having to laboriously check all values for their origin.By clicking the "Show formulas" button again or pressing the key combination a second time, you will get the results of the formulas again.

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By Pigeon Lurvey

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