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MacOS: Shrink PDF - how to compress your files

PDF files are a great way to send written documents and give the recipient a pleasant reading perspective. However, if you work with a traditional email provider, the possibility for attachments may be limited to a certain volume of data. Then it is useful to shrink the PDF files.

This is how you can easily compress your files

To reduce the size of a PDF file, it is not necessary that you install an additional program. You can simply work with the existing tools.
  1. Start your PC and open the "Preview" tool on your PC.
  2. Select the PDF file you want to compress and open it in the app.
  3. Now click the "File" option in the top taskbar and use double-click to launch "Export".
  4. You will now see a pop-up menu, from which you select the variant "Quartz Filter".
  5. You will now be shown different options, from which you select "Reduce file size".
  6. The tool now automatically takes the compression of the file. So that you get the file in this format, you must now save the reduced PDF file again.

Can you set the size so exactly?

Sometimes it is necessary that you achieve an exact file size to send. However, you cannot use the "Preview" tool to set what final size your PDF file will get. If you want that, there are other PDF converter programs.

By Rifkin

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