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Opera: Start private surfing - how it works

Every modern browser has a mode in which no surfing traces are stored - Opera is no exception. The feature is called "private browsing" and can be easily enabled in Opera.

Private browsing in Opera takes place either in a new window or a new tab.

Private browsing in Opera takes place either in a new window or a new tab. When browsing privately, your browsing history is not saved. So you can visit pages you don't want to be visible in your history afterwards.

Opera: Start private browsing with three clicks

You can start the private mode with just three mouse clicks or especially quickly with a keyboard shortcut:
  1. Click the menu icon named "Opera" in the very top left corner of Opera.
  2. Select there "Windows and Tabs".
  3. Decide for "New private tab" or "New private window".
  4. Alternatively, use the key combination Control + Shift + N.
So you have two ways to surf anonymously with Opera. At startup, you are informed that all information is deleted as soon as you close the window. So you can move freely on the Internet.

Notes about anonymous mode

Private browsing in Opera ensures that your browsing history is not saved, but it does not make you completely anonymous. This means that the website owners of pages you visit can track your activities in case of any doubts. Even if you browse in your office or on another network that is not private, your activities are visible to the admin. Moreover, you are not untouchable by malware either.

By Terrel

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