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WhatsApp: Send GIF - this is how easy it works

Pictures are good, moving pictures are better - or sometimes at least funnier. The popular feature has been available in WhatsApp for some time now. In WhatsApp, you can send your own GIFs as well as choose from a large database of existing content. So they find the right GIF for every occasion.

With GIFs you bring humor into your WhatsApp chats.

Send WhatsApp GIF: No harder than an emoji

WhatsApp knows the trends of today and because of the popularity of GIFs, the integration into the chat service was only logical. These are mostly soundless, repetitive sequences of images. In Messenger, you can send your own GIFs as well as select some from the provided database.
  1. Open a chat of your choice and click on the square icon on the right side in the text field.
  2. Select "GIF" at the very bottom.
  3. Now a long selection of GIFs appears. To send one of these GIFs, just tap on it.
  4. You can now add a caption, if desired. Then tap on the arrow to send the GIF.

Send external GIF via WhatsApp

To send an external GIF via WhatsApp, you need another application.
  1. Suchen Sie beispielsweise ein beliebiges GIF aus der Giphy-App.
  2. Tippen Sie anschließend auf das „Papierflieger-Symbol“.
  3. Im nächsten Schritt wählen Sie „WhatsApp“ und danach den Chat aus.
  4. Abschließend können Sie das GIF versenden.

By Oberon Dushyant

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