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PDFCreator: settings - how to make changes

If you are looking for a program that allows you to create PDF files for free, the best option is to use PDFCreator. The creator offers you the possibility to convert text documents into PDF format and save them on your PC.

How to create a PDF file with PDFCreator

The PDFCreator program is free to use and allows you to create your own documents in PDF format. In addition to text content, the created PDF documents can also contain images.
  1. To create a PDF file using PDFCreator, click the "Print" button in the program with which you created the original file.
  2. In the dialog box that opens, then select PDFCreator as the printer and confirm with "Print".
  3. Now specify a name and, if necessary, other keywords for the PDF file and click "Save" to create the PDF file.

PDFCreator: How to make changes to the settings

In addition, the PDFCreator offers you the possibility to make further settings. For example, you can combine multiple text documents into one PDF by selecting them as described above, but then clicking "Merge" first before saving the PDF file. It is also possible to set PDFCreator as the default printer by clicking on the "gear icon" in the program and selecting "Yes" under "General" > "Default Printer". Further settings, such as changing the storage location or inserting watermarks, are again possible in the "Profiles" area.

By Loginov Sauhal

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