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Amazon: Follow authors - this is how it works

On Amazon, virtually all well-known authors are represented with their works. Due to the large offer, it is not always easy to stay up to date. By following authors, you solve this problem. As soon as you follow a person or brand, you will be informed about news via email.

You can easily follow your favorite authors on Amazon.

How to follow authors on Amazon

Stephen King, Joanne K. Rowling, Dan Brown, Dan Simmons and all the other top authors can be found on Amazon. In addition, there are countless lesser-known writers. If you have a favorite author, you can simply follow them. Then you will be informed about all news by e-mail. In your Amazon profile, you can also see which people or brands you already follow.To follow your favorite authors on Amazon, these steps are necessary:
  1. Open the product page of a book of the author you want to follow on Amazon.
  2. Links under the images to the book, you will usually already find the "Follow the author" section. Here you will see a picture of the author and his name.
  3. Click there on the white button "+ Follow".
  4. The label of the button now changes to "Following". In addition, similar authors are directly suggested to you, which you can also follow.
If you follow an author, you will be informed by Amazon when there are new works in the range. This way you will no longer miss any new releases and can keep a better eye on offers.

By Coster Boho

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