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iOS 12: Tape measure app - how to use it

The tape measure app is available on iPad and iPhone since the update to iOS 12. By using augmented reality technology, you can use the tape measure app to easily measure the size of objects using only the iPhone or iPad camera. Read how to take a measurement.

iOS 12: What you need to know about the availability of the tape measure app

If you have updated your iPhone or iPad to the new iOS 12, this will bring you various new features for your device. One new feature on iOS 12 is the tape measure app, which uses augmented reality technology to allow you to measure objects with your iPhone. Available for all 5th generation and later iPads and iPhone 6s or newer.

How to use the tape measure app on an iOS 12 device

To use the tape measure app to measure an object, first open it by tapping the corresponding icon in the app overview.
  1. Then point the camera of your iPhone or iPad at the object you want to measure and move the screen until a circle with a dot appears.
  2. Positionieren Sie Ihr iOS-Gerät nun über dem Startpunkt der Messung und tippen Sie auf das „Plus-Symbol“.
  3. Bewegen Sie den Bildschirm anschließend hin zum Endpunkt der Messung und tippen Sie erneut auf das „Plus-Symbol“.
  4. Tippen Sie nach Durchführung der Messung auf „Kopieren“, um diese zu speichern oder auf das „Papierkorb-Symbol“, um eine neue Messung durchzuführen.

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