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What is GoDaddy? All info about the well-known web host

The choice of web hosts is almost unmanageable nowadays. With GoDaddy, a name that is already extremely established in the USA is now preparing to conquer the German market as well.

Webhosting, URLs, WordPress, construction kit: GoDaddy combines everything under one roof.

GoDaddy is one of the giants in web hosting. Accordingly, the name has long been not entirely unknown in Germany.

What is GoDaddy and what options does it offer?

  • On GoDaddy you will find web hosting packages in various price ranges, as well as the possibility to register your desired URL (s).
  • In addition, GoDaddy offers you the opportunity to also create your own website there. This is done with the help of a construction kit, which is easy to use and requires no programming skills.
  • Alternatively to the in-house construction kit, there are combination packages for the world's leading CMS WordPress.
  • If desired, you can additionally use marketing features. These help you, for example, in the SEO improvement of your site.
Since GoDaddy wants to offer a deliberately simple access for everyone, the service is particularly suitable for smaller stores and websites that can not or do not want to spend money on professional service providers. Within the target group, GoDaddy fully fulfills its purpose and is therefore also gaining popularity in Germany.
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By Kendre Harbuck

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