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Reddit: Enable Dark Mode in Browser and App - how to do it

Light font on a dark background is healthy for the eyes, and not only in the evening and at night. For this reason, Reddit has also had a Dark Mode for a long time. Read how to set it in the browser and in the app.

The dark mode of Reddit can be activated separately for browser view and app.

Reddit is now no longer exotic in Germany. We have explained the basic features of the platform here, with details such as the Dark Mode makes the site even more fun.

Reddit: Dark Mode available for browser view and app

In the browser view, the night mode is quickly activated:
  1. Click on the top right of your profile icon.
  2. Activate the slider at "Night Mode".
In the app it goes like this:
  1. Tap on the top left on your profile icon.
  2. Bottom left you can tap on the moon icon to the right of "Settings".
The app then switches to Dark Mode. Convenient: you can use different settings to the Dark Mode in browser view and app with the same profile.

By Garling

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