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Reduce GIF - how to turn it on the web

The GIF format can be minimized quite easily if you need a smaller format. This mainly involves giving the GIF a smaller color palette and downgrading the overall quality. Depending on how high the initial quality of the file is, the extent of the possible downsizing differs.

Reduce GIF: How to do it online

The easiest way is to reduce the GIF directly online. Thus, you do not have to download special software and can download the edited GIF again.
  1. Open your browser and switch to the website Online-Converter.com.
  2. There you click on the "Browse" button and navigate to the location of the GIF on your computer.
  3. Under the "Optional Settings" you now have multiple setting options. The most relevant is the size of the file, which mainly contributes to the required memory.
  4. Reducing the included colors is also a crucial point to lower the size of the file. If in doubt, use a grayscale image to reduce the memory significantly.
  5. Clicking on "Convert File" will process the file and after a few seconds it will be output as a compressed format.
  6. After the process, a new window will open where you can select the "Save File" option.
  7. Geben Sie nun einen geeigneten Speicherort an und bestätigen Sie.
  8. Nach dem Download ist die komprimierte Datei auf Ihrem Computer verfügbar und kann wieder benutzt werden.

By Glanville

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