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What does 5 bar mean for watches? You need to know

If you travel a lot or want to go swimming, then it is worth buying a watch that is water resistant. To know beforehand how deep you can dive with the watch, you need to pay attention to a designation like 5 bar.

What does 5 bar mean for watches

Watches are usually worn all day. If you go hiking in the rain or want to swim with it, you should pay attention to various properties of the watch. Especially the water resistance plays a major role. Here you will also often encounter the marking "5 bar".
  1. Watches are usually never built completely waterproof. Normally, the device is only protected to a certain extent against moisture and water.
  2. If a watch is called waterproof, this means that it is resistant to penetrating water to a certain depth. However, the designation "water resistant" does not say how much the watch can withstand, because the designation already applies when protected from water drops and sweat.
  3. If the marking is "5 bar", then this means that you can definitely shower with the watch. The watch has been tested for water resistance up to 5 bar.
  4. The water column in this case is up to about 40 to 50 meters.
  5. Diving with the watch is not possible, however. Lediglich alltägliche Tätigkeiten wie Baden, Duschen und Händewaschen übersteht das Gerät.

By Celisse

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