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This helps against headaches - home remedies at a glance

Many people are afflicted by headaches every day and often can hardly get any relief. Constantly reaching for aspirin or ibuprofen can also strain and overacidify the body in the long run. Take instead but rather a home remedy to hand.

Home remedy: That relieves your headache

Headaches can have many causes. Often, these arise due to obliquity in the body or due to dehydration. So not every home remedy helps immediately against the pain.
  1. Try cold. Cold helps especially when the headache is caused by overexertion. This can be, for example, long work at the screen or too long time in the sun. Put a wet, cool washcloth on your forehead and temples.
  2. Heat can also help get rid of the pain. Heat relaxes the tension in the muscles and has a soothing effect. Depending on where the pain comes from, heat can also intensify the headache, however.

Which home remedies can help?

Those who want to resort to home remedies to relieve headaches have a wide choice.
  1. Many natural substances help to get rid of headaches. For example, willow bark is best suited to relieve the pain. Also madesweet can counteract the headache, if the substance is prepared as a tea.
  2. Many essential oils, such as lavender oil or peppermint oil, also have a positive effect on headaches.
  3. Alternatively, the intake of caffeine also helps many people. If the pain is due to low blood pressure, coffee counteracts. But watch out with the dosage, too much caffeine can make nervous and increase headaches.
  4. If weather sensitivity is the cause of the headache, a relaxing bath with additives such as rosemary or chamomile can help.

By Quirita Wege

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