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Amazon Music: Search for new songs made easy

Due to the many millions of tracks available on Amazon Music, the app's search function is even more important. It helps you find albums and compile playlists. You can also access the feature directly from the homepage.

Thanks to the search function, you can always find the songs and albums you want on Amazon Music.

Amazon Music: search is easy to use - with good results

The Amazon Music app gives you the option to access all tracks on the go. However, you can only access the service if you are already an Amazon Prime member. If you are looking for a specific song, it could take a long time with the number of tracks if Amazon did not provide you with a suitable search function.
  1. Open Amazon Music and tap on "Search" in the menu bar at the bottom. The magnifying glass icon is the second icon from the left.
  2. In the search function, you will find a text field directly at the top where you can enter your search term.
  3. Type the desired term, such as the name of the artist or song, into the search field to get a list of results.
  4. If the track you are looking for is among the results, you can then download it or add it to a playlist.
  5. Alternatively, you will find the "Discover" section below the text field. Here you will be shown various genres and keywords such as "live", "radio station" and the like. So you can search the content even without a specific search term.

By Greenfield Zickuhr

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