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Amazon: Store music in the music store - here's how

Amazon offers several online services that allow you to access numerous music tracks for a monthly fee. While you used to be able to back up your own music in the music store, this is no longer possible. Nevertheless, you can still listen to your music offline.

The music store allows you to import and manage your music on Amazon.

Save Amazon music: This option is available

In the past, it was possible to import your own music into the so-called "music store". Depending on the subscription, you had different amounts of storage capacity available. In the meantime, however, this is no longer possible. Importing and uploading personal music has been completely discontinued. If you have opted for Amazon Music Unlimited or Prime Music, you usually need an Internet connection to access the numerous tracks. If you use the Amazon Music app, offline playback is also available.
  1. Open the Amazon Music app and go to your library.
  2. Select the "Songs" item. Here you will see various categories, such as "Bought".
  3. Click on the "Download icon", which can be found next to the songs or albums. Alternativ ist es möglich, Songs und Alben unter „Aktionen“ in den Bereich „Herunterladen“ zu ziehen.
  4. Danach können Sie diese Inhalte auch offline über die App anhören. Verwenden Sie Amazon Music zudem auf Ihrem PC, wird dieser Ordner automatisch mit Ihrem „Bibliothek“-Ordner beziehungsweise auf einem Mac in Ihrem „Musik“-Ordner synchronisiert.

By Osugi Silos

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