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YouTube Music: App specifically for music

There is virtually no music video that doesn't exist on YouTube. For more than a decade, YouTube has served as a major focal point for music searches. With YouTube Music, that focus is deepening. The platform has recognized the demand and responded with an app.

With YouTube Music, an app for mobile users will soon be released.

YouTube Music: app for iOS and Android

YouTube Music is a platform from Google that revolves around music only There are two different options, the free variant and the premium subscription. With the latter, you get the option to play music in the background and listen to it without ads. You can also access the service via an app.
  • The app is available for iOS and Android.
  • With the app you access the same content as usual. It is a variant optimized for mobile devices. Here you can also log in with your account and enjoy the same benefits.
  • The titles are, as on YouTube, financed by advertising and by the premium subscriptions. The app consists of different tabs. On the home page, for example, you will find personalized channels and recommendations. These change with your activity within the application.
  • After that, there is the tab "Discover" and "Media Library". In the media library you will find all the content you have added to it. If you are a Premium member, you will also see recently listened tracks there. If you have downloaded music for offline use, you will also find it in this tab.
In the US, YouTube Music was launched back in 2015. German users have been able to use the platform since mid-June 2018.

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