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F1 2020: How the difficulty level affects you - all info

If you prefer playing F1 2020 solo, you will inevitably have to deal with the strength of the AI drivers. The difficulty level plays a crucial role in the gaming experience and we explain how it works.

Fighting for every thousandth of a second: the difficulty level has a decisive effect.

The difficulty in F1 2020 is based on the same system as in F1 2019 and is divided into levels. We explained this here at the time. In the following, therefore, some additional info.

F1 2020: How to better estimate the ideal difficulty

Although not officially confirmed, the following rule of thumb is used in the community as a gauge for the difficulty level:
  • For every single point in the difficulty level, the AI drivers drive about a tenth of a second faster.
  • This means, for example: Set the difficulty from 50 to 60, your competitors will be one second faster.
  • This shows how great the increase potential is also for yourself. Because while even a low difficulty may seem challenging to you at the beginning, with practice you will be able to keep up on higher difficulties. You will then have improved by several seconds per lap.
In career mode, you can always change the difficulty before each race weekend, but no longer during the weekend. Mit steigendem Skill ist es deswegen ratsam, die Schwierigkeit regelmäßig in kleinen Schritten anzupassen, um das Gefühl eines realen Wettbewerbs zu verstärken.

By Sirois Pinkett

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