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PDF viewer - how to open your PDF file

If you want to open a file with the extension .pdf, you have the choice between a large number of programs. In the meantime, however, you don't necessarily need to download an extra program - provided you only want to view the file and not modify it. Most browsers already include this feature.

What PDF viewers are there?

PDFs are ubiquitous if you work a lot on your PC. You get invoices, instructions and articles in PDF format. Even entire books are released in the file format to make them easier to search. This always raises the question of which program is best to use to open the PDFs.
  1. The most widely used program is probably Acrobat Reader. However, the software does not have the best reputation, as there have been security-related problems in the past. Adobe recommends installing McAfee Security Scan Plus in addition.
  2. You can easily and securely open PDFs with Foxit Reader. Since this is not so widespread, hackers are rather less interested in this program. What speaks for Foxit Reader is its modern and sleek user interface. Furthermore, you can open PDFs in secure reading mode, which gives you additional security.
  3. Sumatra PDF also offers you the possibility to view your PDFs. Auch andere Dokumente wie Comicbücher können mit der Software geöffnet werden. Außerdem verfügt das Programm über eine Favoriten-Leiste, mit der Sie bereits aufgerufene PDFs leicht erneut öffnen können.

By Meunier Toohey

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