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iPhone X: Recover deleted photos

If you have accidentally deleted photos from your iPhone X, they can only be restored from a previously created backup. How exactly you have to proceed with the restoration depends on whether you use iTunes or the iCloud for the backup.

iPhone X: Recover Deleted Photos with iCloud

If you have accidentally deleted photos from your iPhone X, there are several ways to recover them. If you use iCloud to back up your iPhone data, you can recover deleted photos from an iCloud backup.
  1. To do this, first open the iPhone X settings and navigate to "iCloud" > "Storage & Backup".
  2. Here you will find an overview with all existing backups under "Manage Storage" and can search for the backup that contains the deleted shots.
  3. Then go to "General" > "Reset" > "Delete content & Settings" in the settings and play the corresponding backup during the configuration process.

How to restore photos deleted from iPhone X via iTunes

Have you not stored your photos in the iCloud, but synced with iTunes, please open the program on your computer and navigate to "iTunes" > "Settings". There, switch to the "Device" tab and uncheck "Prevent automatic syncing". After confirming the made change with "OK", please connect your iPhone X with the computer, click on its name in iTunes and select "Restore" under "Backups" > "Restore Backup".

By Lorin Woitowitz

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