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iOS 12 Screen Time: How to use the feature

With the help of Screen Time, you can conveniently check the activity on your smartphone. The feature provides you with precise analysis of which apps and how long they have been used. Especially for children, this feature can be very helpful, as you as a parent can easily track the time spent on the smartphone.

iOS 12 Screen Time: How to activate the feature

Screen Time is not automatically active. To get diagnoses, you must first make the appropriate options in the settings.
  1. Once you have opened the settings on your iPhone, you will already find the entry "Screen time" after a short scroll.
  2. Now you have the option to activate the screen time for the device.
  3. In addition, you will be asked within the function whether the current device is yours or your child's.
  4. Should you select the option for your child, you also have various options to restrict the use of the device.
  5. If you use the smartphone for yourself, you will get a daily diagnostic about the last 24 hours.

How to set limits

  1. Using the "Block during timeout" switch, you can restrict various apps in use.
  2. Wenn die darin eingestellte Zeit abgelaufen ist, kann die App nicht weiter genutzt werden.
  3. Dadurch legen Sie bequem Limits für Ihre Kinder fest, sodass diese nicht unbegrenzt am Smartphone aktiv sind.

By Friedrick

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