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Xing: External visitor - what you need to know

There are more and more places on the Internet that you can use to find a job - one of these platforms is Xing. Here you create a profile and let headhunters search for you. But with an external visitor, you can't see who was on your page.

What is an external visitor?If Xing shows you that an external visitor was on your profile, it means that the visitor came to your profile from another site without logging in to Xing. In this case, you will see the writing "External visitor. Found you on ...". Often you will find Google there as the origin.
  1. If you would like to see who or from where your profile was accessed, simply open your profile at Xing. Here you can view this information.
  2. For more information, you need a Xing Premium membership. For this you pay about 8 to 10 euros per month.
  3. You will then learn how often a person has visited your profile and with which search terms you were found,
If you want to set your Xing profile to "Private", go to the settings, which you will find as a small gear in the bottom left of the toolbar. From there, continue to "Privacy": Here you set who can see your profile or individual parts of it and who not. At the end press "Save".

By Gesner

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