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GIMP: Vignette - center the focus of your image

When you have taken a special object, you also want it to be the focus of interest. To make the viewer's eye automatically fall on your chosen object, you can use the GIMP Vignette filter. To use the feature, you don't need much experience.

How to set the effect

Start GIMP and open the photo you want to edit with the Vignette filter.
  • Now open the layer tools and create a new layer. This must be filled transparent.
  • Set "Black" as foreground color and now click the gradient tool. There you specify that the gradient (VG) should run to "Transparent". By clicking on the blue double arrow, you specify that the direction of the gradient should be changed.
  • To create the effect, you must specify that the gradient should run "Circular".
  • Place the mouse pointer in the center of the image and drag the gradient from there to the edge. You must have the mouse button pressed.
  • GIMP now independently creates the desired gradient in a new layer. You will notice that the vignette effect is now still very dominant. To reduce it, you need to lower the opacity.

Dose the vignette properly

It is important that you let the gradient, not the image dominate. Because that can also be problematic for the viewer's eye. A setting of 20 to 30 percent of the opacity has proven itself, although these parameters also always depend on the selected color of the gradient. The effect is particularly harmonious if you pick up the color concept of your photograph in the gradient as well.

By Valerye Mehlman

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