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N26: Overdraft facility now available - how to apply

N26 is now firmly established in Germany. And as it grows, the mobile online bank is offering more and more features, and now there's even an overdraft facility. We have all the info.

Overdraw, but wisely: interest accrues on N26's overdraft facility.

An overdraft facility gives you the chance to overdraw your account at short notice. The introduction of this feature comes in handy for many N26 customers.

N26: Activate overdraft facility simply via app

Here is the most important info on the N26 overdraft facility:
  • The maximum credit limit is 10,000 euros. However, this is set individually for each customer and depends not least on the amounts and movements on the account.
  • The setup is quick: In the N26 app, open the "Discover N26" section, there you can apply for and activate the overdraft facility under the financial products.
  • However, this involves a check of your creditworthiness - more info here.
  • If the overdraft facility has been approved, you should note the interest rate: This is at 8.9 percent.
The money you can borrow from the bank is thus relatively expensive for today's interest rates. In financial emergencies, the Dispo can still be a practical alternative to bridge bottlenecks. Logisch: Wegen der Zinsen ist es ratsam, die Überziehung so bald wie möglich wieder auszugleichen.

By Ochs Spilker

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