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Google Maps tests new lighting feature - all info

Dark roads cause a feeling of uncertainty and sometimes even justified. Google is therefore working on a new Maps feature that should provide support on this point.

For a safe way home: Lighting brings light into the darkness.

Google Maps is also ideally suited for footpaths. With the Lighting feature, an important innovation is on the horizon.

Google Maps: Lighting guides you along illuminated paths

When navigating, Google Maps usually shows the shortest path, with other routes available as an alternative. With Lighting, a new criterion is added:
  • Lighting is supposed to show which paths are particularly well lit. At night, after all, the fastest way is not always the best choice.
  • Dark sections can thus be deliberately avoided - this is particularly interesting for women, although not exclusively.
  • First announced the work on Lighting in December 2019 with the indication that the feature is still being tested. This has not changed to date (August 2020), so a final release is still waiting.
It should be noted: even illuminated paths are no guarantee of absolute safety - but they reduce the risk and provide a better feeling.

By Thorn

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