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How to save Reddit posts in the app and on the website

All content on Reddit is generated by users. Should you wish to save a post permanently, this is easily possible. We explain how to use the save function.

For DeepL access: saved Reddit posts can be found in your overview.

Whether cooking recipes, instructions, interesting discussions funny videos or wonderful pictures: There are many reasons to want to save a Reddit post.

How to save Reddit posts

Both in the web view and in the app, saving is easy:
  • App: Open the post and tap the bookmark icon at the top.
  • Web view: Open the post and click "Save" directly below the content.
For this feature, you must be logged in with a Reddit account. The saved content can be found in chronological order under "My Profile" -> "Saved" and can be accessed there at any time, provided that the post is not deleted.

By Amathiste

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