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Mark Instagram posts as ads

If one of your Instagram posts contains advertising for a product or brand, it is mandatory that you mark the post as an advertisement. We explain when you need to mark your posts as ads and how to do it correctly in this article.

Advertising: In these cases, you should mark your Instagram posts

In recent times, it has become increasingly common for Instagram users to be warned off for not identifying advertising as such. Whether you need to mark your posts as advertising depends on various factors.
  1. So it is crucial whether you use Instagram only privately to exchange with friends or earn money with your posts, for example, through sponsorship.
  2. Also, it is necessary to mark posts as advertising, for which you get no money, but another consideration such as a discount code.
  3. If you voluntarily mention a brand name in one of your posts in order to report on your experience with the brand, this is also already considered advertising and must be marked.
  4. The reach of your Instagram profile is also important, as the number of followers also increases the risk of being warned off.

How to mark your Instagram posts as advertising

Independent on whether the mention of brands in your Instagram posts is paid or unpaid advertising, it is important that you clearly mark your posts. It's best to add the tag right at the beginning of any text or caption, and use clear labels like "advertising" or "advertisement." Marking in the middle of the post or only as a hashtag, on the other hand, is not sufficient.

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