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Notebook: Open file - how to work with the format

If you rarely work with the "SMART Notebook File(.notebook)", it may be unfamiliar to use the files. At the same time, it is not costly to interact with the paid file format if you know what to look for.

How to work with the Notebook format

The advantage of this file format is that it is cross-platform, allowing you to create interactive teaching materials quickly and efficiently.
  1. .notebook files are extremely large files because they contain not only text, but also graphics, design and layout information.
  2. In principle, such a file can be opened with any notebook-capable SMART program.
  3. However, editing within the program is not possible, because this is to prevent the basic file from being changed by third parties.
  4. To make changes, you must upload the file to a SMART web service and edit it there and also distribute.
  5. There are different providers, but at the moment they are all subject to a fee. However, a price comparison is worthwhile at this point for a good price-performance ratio.
  6. To change only the format or to view the file, a free program can be used that allows the transfer to HTML, PDF and Word.

What is the point of the .notebook format?

Even in the education sector, the creation of teaching materials is a separate area of work. By protecting your documents through the .notebook format, it can be ensured that no one will make changes and spend your intellectual property for a personal contribution.

By Johnson

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