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Xbox Cloud Gaming: How much does the new service cost?

Xbox Cloud Gaming went live on September 15, 2020, causing quite a stir. If you're also interested in Microsoft's new gaming cloud, we'll tell you what the cost model looks like.

Everything the same: Xbox Cloud Gaming does not cause any additional costs in the Game Pass Ultimate.

Gaming flat rates are now widespread. Among the most popular is Game Pass Ultimate, which now also includes the gaming cloud.

Xbox Cloud Gaming: no additional costs thanks to Battle Pass Ultimate

Xbox Cloud Gaming is firmly embedded in Game Pass Ultimate. That means:
  • You can't subscribe to the cloud on your own.
  • All you need is an active subscription to Game Pass Ultimate. You can sign up for this here.
  • Note: The normal Game Pass for PC or console is not enough - it must be the Game Pass Ultimate. The price is 12.99 euros per month, but you can book the first month at the savings price of 1 euro.
  • Also important: The cloud gaming is only available to Android mobile devices for now.
Xbox Cloud Gaming is thus only interesting for fans of mobile games. After all: In the future, PCs and Xbox consoles will also be able to participate. A date for this has not yet been named.

By Brennen

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