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Xbox Cloud Gaming: Also available for iPhone users?

The new Xbox Cloud Gaming is initially aimed exclusively at mobile devices and could directly win many fans there. The question about compatibility with iPhones is only logical and we have the answer.

Xbox Cloud Gaming will not be playable on iPhones and iPads for the time being.

After a lengthy test phase in which the project was called xCloud, Xbox Cloud Gaming finally went live in September 2020.

Xbox Cloud Gaming: No agreement for iPhones in sight

When Xbox Cloud Gaming properly launched on September 15, 2020, only Android users got their turn.
  • According to the current status, this will not change - the service is not usable on the iPhone and iPad.
  • The background is that Microsoft and Apple could not agree on the rules in the app store. Apple wants all applications to be listed individually in the App Store, while Microsoft would like to place the offer under the umbrella of a comprehensive cloud app on iOS.
  • Another point of contention could also be the question of the store commission. Here, too, there seem to be very different ideas.
  • In order to enable iPhones for Xbox Cloud Gaming, the two sides would consequently have to move towards each other, but this still doesn't seem to be in the cards.
Because of the size of the Apple ecosphere on the one hand and the importance of Xbox Cloud Gaming for mobile gaming on the other, an agreement doesn't seem completely out of the question, but as of now it's not very likely.

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