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How do I connect a Fritz WLAN repeater?

If the Fritzbox WLAN signal is too weak in some areas of your house or apartment, it can help to connect a Fritz WLAN repeater. We will show you which methods there are for setting up the repeater and how to use them correctly in our article.

How to connect the Fritz WLAN repeater via WPS

If you have a poor WLAN signal in some rooms of your house, it makes sense to use a WLAN repeater. This is connected to a WLAN router and amplifies its signal, so that you also have a good WLAN signal in more distant rooms. If you have a Fritzbox and want to connect it to a WLAN repeater, this is done most quickly via WPS.
  1. First, please plug the WLAN repeater into a power outlet to connect it to the mains.
  2. Then press the WPS button of the repeater and hold it until the LED starts to flash at WLAN.
  3. Now also press the WPS button of your Fritzbox router, so that both devices can connect to each other.

Fritz WLAN repeater: This other way to connect there

Alternatively, the setup of the Fritz repeater is also possible via the PC. To do this, plug the repeater into a power outlet near the computer and click on the "WLAN icon" in the taskbar of the PC. There, select the entry "FRITZ!WLAN Repeater", remove the checkmark next to "Connect automatically" and click on "Connect". Then open a browser window and enter "fritz.repeater" in the address field. Now log into the user interface of the repeater and select the WLAN network you want to amplify under "Repeater radio network selection".

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