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How can I reset a Fritz repeater?

If you have problems with your Fritz repeater, it can often help to reset the device. How you need to proceed to perform the factory reset depends on which repeater model you are using.

How to reset a Fritz repeater to factory settings

If your Fritz repeater no longer works properly or if you plan to sell the repeater, it is necessary to reset the device. For the device reset to work, it is important that the repeater is connected to power and the power LED is on continuously.
  1. To reset the repeater to factory settings, please press the WPS button for 15 seconds.
  2. As soon as all LEDs of the Fritz repeater are flashing, the reset process is started and you can release the button again.
  3. Now wait a few minutes until the reset is complete and then connect the repeater via LAN cable to a PC to perform the re-setup.

How the reset works for a Fritz WLAN repeater N/G

If you have a Fritz WLAN repeater N/G with a display, a different procedure is required to reset the device. Again, please connect the repeater to the power supply first. Then wait until the word "Fritz" appears on the repeater's display before tapping the left touch point three times so that an arrow symbol and an R appear on the display. Now tap the center of the display so that a check mark appears and start performing the reset by tapping the center of the display again.

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