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HEIC format: These are the advantages of the modern image format

Back in 2017, Apple introduced the new HEIC image format, often referred to as HEIF. If you're not sure whether to use HEIC or prefer to continue using JPG, we'll help out.

Same quality with less storage space: HEIC is expected to replace JPG one day.

HEIC means High Efficiency Image Container; analogously, there is also HEIF (High Efficency Image Format), which stands for individual files. The basic technology behind it is the same.

That's why Apple introduced HEIC

The great strength of HEIC or HEIF lies in compression:
  • Compared to JPG files, HEIC images are said to require up to 50 or 60 percent less storage space for the same quality.
  • For storage on your own device, HEIC is thus clearly at an advantage.
  • Equally practical is that HEIC can store multiple images in one container. This is the real meaning of HEIC, namely that multiple HEIF images are combined.
  • However, there may be problems if the photos are sent. Depending on the device, the recipient can then not open the files.
  • Alternatively, the default format for photos in the settings can therefore be changed to JPG.
In addition, newer iPhones are able to convert HEIC images when sending (such as via WhatsApp), so that the recipient can read them. Dank dieser Möglichkeit spricht eigentlich nichts mehr gegen HEIC auf Apple-Geräten.

By Gibbons Jacquay

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