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Modern Warfare: Co-op gameplay explained - these modes exist

In addition to the classic multiplayer game and the solo campaign, there is a third category in Modern Warfare, namely co-op mode. Our guide explains which variants are available there.

Together against the computer: the co-op game in Modern Warfare is quite appealing.

If the campaign is too lonely for you, you can find like-minded comrades-in-arms to compete against the computer in co-op mode.

Modern Warfare: How to play in co-op mode

In CoD Modern Warfare's co-op mode, you have the following options:
  • Special Forces: A team of four players tackles story-based missions. If you don't have your own party, you can get teammates via matchmaking.
  • Classic Special Forces: Here you can play alone or with up to three teammates. This mode is popular because of its variable player count.
  • Survival: Here enemies come in waves and your team must survive as long as possible. This mode is exclusive to the PS4 version for one year.
  • Private Match: Hier k├Ânnen Sie ein Match ganz nach Ihren eigenen Regeln gestalten.
Da die Operationen aus dem Spezialeinheit-Modus jeweils einen neuen Skin freischalten, lohnt es sich in jedem Fall, das Koop-Spiel einmal auszuprobieren.

By Ingar Riobe

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