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Installing Windows Live Mail in Windows 10

Windows Live Mail allows you to unify different email accounts on your PC into one mailbox. Windows Live Mail has been replaced in Windows 10 by the Windows 10 Mail app and cannot be installed.

Windows Live Mail on Windows 10: Error messages

If you try to install Windows Live Mail on Windows 10 anyway, you will be shown various error messages.
  1. First you will be shown that you need to install the .NET Framework 3.5. You can download this on the corresponding page from Microsoft.
  2. If you now start the installation of Windows Live Mail, you will promptly receive the next error message "0x80190194". Here, it changes nothing if you adjust the compatibility mode of Windows 10.
  3. That Windows Live Mail does not work on Windows 10, however, is not so bad, because Windows offers a replacement, the Windows 10 Mail app. This is automatically available on Windows 10.
  4. Go to the bottom left of the search bar and type "Mail". Bestätigen Sie mit Enter und warten Sie, bis das Programm gestartet ist.
  5. Meist findet sich das Mail-Programm unten im Startmenü als kleines briefförmiges Icon.
  6. Das Verbinden Ihres E-Mail-Accounts ist sehr leicht und geht schnell.

By Farr Chari

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