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WhatsApp: Request account info - how to do it

When using social networks, you have the option to view the information stored. Meanwhile, WhatsApp also gives you this option. You can easily access the account info via the settings.

How to request your account info on WhatsApp

The prerequisite for requesting account info is that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of WhatsApp. Then proceed as follows:
  1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots to see the menu.
  2. Tap then on the option "Settings". In front of you now appears a list from which you select "Account".
  3. You will now be shown several options. Select "Request account info from".
  4. From the new options, you must select "Request report" so that WhatsApp forwards your request.
  5. You will now see that the status has changed to "Request sent".
  6. Once the report has been provided, it is deposited at this point and can be read as well as downloaded.
  7. However, WhatsApp does not inform you when the report is available. Therefore, you should check the status regularly.
  8. Also be prepared to wait about three days. Denn diesen Zeitraum gibt WhatsApp als Mindestdauer an.

Wieso ist die Information hilfreich?

Wie andere Dienstleistungen auch, speichert WhatsApp ebenfalls deutlich mehr Informationen als Ihnen bewusst ist. Indem Sie sehen, welche Daten über Sie hinterlegt sind, können Sie Ihre Einstellungen anpassen.

By Lindley

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