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Why was DrDisrespect banned from Twitch? Info & Rumors

When DrDisrespect was banned for life by Twitch, an outcry went through the global streaming scene. We summarize the background and take a look at possible reasons.

Streaming scandal: DrDisrespect may never stream on Twitch again.

DrDisrespect is considered one of the most famous streamers in the world. The ban he received from Twitch caused even more of a stir.

DrDisrespect: Info and background on the ban

Only in March 2020 did DrDisrespect sign an exclusive contract with Twitch. This guaranteed him several million dollars.
  • It was all the more surprising that Twitch banned him in June, so only three months later, forever.
  • On the exact reasons for the ban commented neither Twitch nor the streamer. However, the latter has since legal action and is now in litigation with the platform. For this reason, he can not disclose any further information.
  • About the real reasons, there is therefore only speculation. So it is suspected in places that Twitch after the exit of the competitor platform Mixer no longer saw sense in paying individual streamers so lucratively. Als wahrscheinlich gilt diese Theorie jedoch nicht.
  • Eine andere Möglichkeit ist, dass Twitch mit einigen geäußerten Ansichten des Streamers ganz und gar nicht einverstanden war.
So oder so: DrDisrespect streamt inzwischen auf YouTube und bedient dort ein Millionenpublikum. Zum Kanal geht es hier entlang.

By Pomcroy Oursler

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