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Microsoft Teams Project Management: These options are available

Microsoft Teams offers companies a platform for communication and data exchange. Because of its interconnectedness, the application can be best used in agile project management. By integrating other tools, working on projects in teams becomes all the more efficient.

How to use Microsoft Teams in project management

  • SCRUM and Kanban are among the most important methods of agile project management.
  • The structure of Microsoft Teams is ideally suited for this, since you always keep track by creating separate project groups.
  • As in project management is usually worked in phases, you can also excellently divide and subdivide a project via the creation of different channels.
  • About regular video conferences, the entire work group can coordinate and share important documents.
  • The chat function in teams, on the other hand, is suitable for quick updates, data transfer and for communication between individual project members.

Project management in Teams via linking with other applications

The software OneNote, which is frequently used in project management, is compatible with Microsoft Teams and is ideal for merging information from multiple sources. You easily upload OneNote notebooks to Teams via a new tab of the respective channel. Equally practical is the integrated use of the Microsoft Planner tool, which is used especially in agile project management due to its comptability with Kanban principles.

By Trotter Kilgallon

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