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F1 2019: ERS management explained - how to use it

Originally introduced as KERS, energy recovery in Formula 1 now takes place under the name ERS. We explain the principle and how the management works in Codemasters' simulation.

Power just the way you want it: thanks to ERS management, you can get a good dose of horsepower.

The introduction of energy recovery launched Formula 1 into the hybrid era over ten years ago, in 2009. This continues to this day and is also evident in F1 2019.

F1 2019: Here's how ERS management works

The ERS (energy recovery system) stores energy generated during braking, for example, and makes it available to the engine. This gives the cars more power. In the process, drivers have various freedoms via ERS management when using the additional energy:
  • In F1 2019, there are various ERS levels, starting with "Low" up to "Hot Lap".
  • Logical: The higher the setting, the more power is provided - at the same time, the faster the storage empties. A thoughtful approach is therefore required so that the memory is not empty when you need it.
  • Both driving style and route affect the charging of the system. By braking, energy is built up, on routes with many tight turns, there are consequently more charging periods.
  • With the setting "None", the ERS is not used at all. Thus, you do without the additional power completely, but can charge the memory as quickly as possible. This can be used strategically.
  • By default, the ERS works automatically in F1 2019. You activate the manual use under "Driving aids".
  • To do this, you also need to assign two buttons to switch the ERS level up or down.
The manual use, if mastered, is a very effective helper. Besides, it facilitates training programs such as ERS management significantly. As always, therefore: Start to do without this driving aid (the automatic ERS) as well to become faster.

By York Biegler

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