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Goat Simulator: Unlock all goats - here's how

In the game Goat Simulator you set out to cause mischief everywhere as a goat. The goal is to cause as much destruction as possible as a goat. While you control one goat with an extra long tongue at the beginning of the game, you can gradually unlock more goats.

How to unlock all goats in Goat Simulator

If you want to unlock more goats in Goat Simulator besides the default one, you need to complete various tasks. For example, if you stand still for five minutes right after the game level up, you will directly unlock the angel goat. With this you can jump higher and float. But there are more animals.
  1. Bring five corpses of humans or goats to the pentagram in the forest to unlock the "Evil Goat".
  2. On the other hand, if you take a seat on the burning throne in the Spiral Tower, you will receive the Goat King. Expel all the goats from the battle ring in fields, you get the Muscle Goat.
  3. In addition to the robot goat, you can also unlock the Great Goat. For this you need five GoatVille trophies, at ten trophies you get the Feathered Goat. Bei 20 die Riesenziege und bei 30 die Weltraum-Ziege.
  4. Wenn Sie beim Musikkonzert den DJ schlagen und die Turntables benutzen, erhalten Sie Deadgoa7.
  5. Zudem erhalten Sie verschiedene Fähigkeiten, die Ihre Ziege verwandeln beziehungsweise einige Ziegen, die bereits zu Beginn verfügbar sind.
  6. Auch wenn Sie Level aufsteigen, Quests absolvieren und Goat City Bay Trophäen einsammeln, schalten Sie Ziegen frei.

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