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F1 2020: Simpler and better - this is how the new ERS

Short-term additional power thanks to ERS was already available in F1 2019, but the implementation was rather mixed with the players. That's why F1 2020 features a revised ERS.

Overtaking assist with e-power: the new ERS is a powerful helper.

The energy recovery system is part of Formula 1's hybrid era. In F1 2020, you can use the electric power even better than in its predecessor.

F1 2020: This is the new ERS

Based on a lot of feedback, including feedback even from real Formula 1 drivers, the ERS has been revised for F1 2020:
  • Whereas in F1 2019 there were still five ERS levels that the player had to switch between manually, there is now only one level. You thus have to spend much less concentration on the ERS.
  • The existing stage is called "Overtake" and calls up all the extra power at the touch of a button. As the name suggests, this mode is mainly suitable for overtaking, but not exclusively. Additional horsepower is, after all, often helpful.
  • The technical principle behind it is unchanged: You charge the ERS primarily through braking.
Specially together with the DRS, which can only be activated in certain zones, the ERS brings a noticeable effect. Dank der Automatisierung des Systems lässt es sich leicht anwenden und wir empfehlen deswegen, sich von Anfang an damit zu beschäftigen.

By Grimbald

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