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Samsung Galaxy s7: Enable Adoptable Storage simply explained

Enable "Adoptable Storage" on your Samsung Galaxy s7 to use an SD card like an internal storage. Since this mode is not enabled from the start on the Samsung Galaxy s7, you have to unlock it via the developer mode.

How to enable Adoptable Storage on Samsung Galaxy s7

Before you enable Adoptable Storage on Samsung Galaxy s7, back up your data from the SD card, because it will be reset in the meantime.
  1. Open "Settings" and further "Device Information".
  2. Tap the "Build Number" option seven times. You will get a message that the developer option is unlocked.
  3. In the main settings menu, you will now see the menu item "Developer Options".
  4. Open the developer options and enable USB debugging.

How to proceed

If you want to connect the Samsung Galaxy s7 to your computer, you will also need the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). Download this to install it afterwards.
  1. Connect your s7 to your computer via USB cable.
  2. In Explorer, navigate to "C:\Users\YourUsers\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools\".
  3. In the folder, open the command prompt by right-clicking and enter the command "adb devices" in the command line. If the message "unauthorized" appears, you must confirm access.
  4. Now enter the commands "adb shell" and "sm list-disks" one after the other.
  5. The SD card is usually recognized as "disk:179,0", so now enter "sm partition disk:179,0 private". The SD card is converted to "Adoptable Storage".
  6. In the settings of the s7 you can see if the process worked.

By Johiah Knightly

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