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How to use Kindle Cover Creator - tips and info

Amazon wants to make it as easy as possible for writers to get to market. This includes necessary work such as cover design. For this purpose, there is the Cover Creator, which we explain below.

No graphics skills needed: Kindle Cover Creator will quickly guide you to your goal.

Before you start working with Cover Creator, we recommend you to read through this info page.

Kindle: Cover Creator integrated in KDP account

The actual tool can be found in your KDP account under the menu item "Bookshelf".
  1. There you must first select the book (or eBook) for which you want to design the cover.
  2. At the top, you will see the item "Kindle eBook Content" in second place. Call this to see the "Cover of Kindle eBook" section at the bottom. Click "Start Cover Creator" if you don't want to upload your own cover.
The Cover Creator tool will guide you step by step to the final cover:
  1. First, choose a basic design concept. There are numerous templates available, but you can also upload your own graphics.
  2. Then you format the layout and make detailed edits, such as the representation of the font.
  3. In the last step, you get the final preview, which you can change or accept.
In each step, you will see various options with which you can tackle the finishing touches. It is worth not to be in a hurry here, because the cover also plays a role in the sales success. For example, the design must fit the genre, and in addition, the interplay of font, size, color and position influences how well the contents of the cover are perceived.

By Stasny

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